The Prime Minister Returns to Aden After an Official Visit to Egypt


Wed, 13-10-2021 09:59 PM, Aden

Aden (South24) 

"Saba" news agency, the affiliated with the Yemeni internationally recognized government, reported that the Prime Minister, Maeen Abdulmalik, arrived in the capital, Aden, on Tuesday evening, after an official visit to the Republic of Egypt, which lasted for two days .

Maeen had left, accompanied by a number of ministers, to Cairo at the invitation of his Egyptian counterpart to hold extensive talks.

The two sides discussed a number of files and issues, the most important of which is the security of international navigation in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden, in addition to common issues between the two countries.

On the sidelines of the official visit, bilateral talks were also held between a number of ministers in the parity government with their Egyptian counterparts, including the Minister of Transport, Planning and International Cooperation, Health, Communications, and Oil and Minerals.

The prime minister had returned to Aden on September 28, more than 6 months after his departure.

 The Yemeni government held its first meeting after the return on October 9, which was absent from the ministers of the Islamic "Islah" party, according to special sources for "South24".

Many are hoping for this return of the government to assume its responsibilities and tasks towards the citizens, in light of a historic economic collapse that has ravaged the country and a sharp deterioration in the local currency rate.

The government was formed on December 18, 2020, as part of the practical implementation of the terms of the political part of the Riyadh Agreement between the STC and the Yemeni presidency.

The formation of the government did not bear much outcomes, as it quickly left Aden, the Southerners and some leaving areas of North that the Houthis have not yet controlled, in a complete breakdown of services and livelihood, in addition to the interruption of salaries .

It should be noted that a series of security events took place in Aden, coinciding with the return of the government and the visit of the UN envoy, Hans Grundberg, including the bloody Crater conflict between security forces and outlaw gunmen.

The Governor of Aden, Ahmed Lamlas, and the Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Salem Al-Suqatri, were subjected to a failed assassination attempt with a car bomb, on Sunday, in the Al-Tawahi, Aden, which left 6 dead and a number of wounded.

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Photo: The arrival of Maeen Abdulmalik to the Egyptian capital Cairo, 11 October 2021, Official

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